This one’s a biggie.

Finding a veterinarian experienced with handling feral cats and kittens safely is a relationship to nurture and cherish! It makes all the difference when you have a sick feral cat or need to book a routine Spay/Neuter surgery. Some vet offices decline to accept feral patients at all, so always be clear on that in advance and ask what they require. For safety, vets usually require that a feral cat come to them in a trap for easy sedation in order to do a thorough examination. To keep it simple, you may want to continue following these guidelines for your semi-feral or formerly-feral cats, even after they are relaxed and confident with you at home.

“Spaying, Neutering, or Sterilizing” is not only the middle part of the all-important¬†Trap, Neuter, Return¬†process, without it, the cycle would never end. We are very lucky to have friendly, and understanding vets around the city willing to provide their services for free, or at a reduced price, so we can halt the feral “litter cycle” as soon as possible.

Two search links for low-cost spay/neuter and Feral-Friendly veterinary services near you:

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